Amanda Markwick Photo Credit: Teddie Hwang
Amanda Markwick
Photo Credit: Teddie Hwang

Mesmerized by the pure, almost vocal sound of the flute since she first heard it as a child, Amanda Markwick has since made that fascination her own reality, playing historical flutes and earning such encouraging feedback as “beautifully flowing, colourful tones” and “you play a golden sound.” In her journey through musical refinement, Amanda has received Bachelors and Masters degrees from both Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.A, and the Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague, the Netherlands. Thanking the thoughtful guidance of her teachers Barbara Kallaur, Kate Clark, Wilbert Hazelzet, and Barthold Kuijken, Amanda has since become a sought-after collaborator in chamber music and orchestral work, performing regularly throughout the United States and Europe.

With co-author Kate Clark, Amanda has written The Renaissance Flute: A Contemporary Guide, the first modern handbook for the Renaissance flute, which will be published by Oxford University Press in August 2020.