Jean-Hyacinth Rottenburgh (1672–1756) lived and worked in Brussels.

Maker: R.Tutz (Innsbruck, Austria)

My instrument: boxwood, A=415

A flute perfect for playing Bach and Telemann, and I also use it for French music, as it has a warm, open, and colorful lower register.  I’ll be playing this instrument in March and April for the “Aus Liebe” aria in J.S. Bach’s Matthew Passion, and in the summer of 2008, I used it to record Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto V and Triple Concerto in a-minor with Barcelona Barroc.

This is the first instrument that I bought after beginning my studies in Holland.  I traveled to Innsbruck during my first Christmas break, specifically to purchase a flute from Mr. Tutz.  When I arrived at his workshop, he had 3 or 4 flutes for me to try, and the one I picked was the one he’d finished 30 minutes before my arrival.  I can really say I learned  a majority of my traverso technique on this instrument.