August Grenser 415

This traverso is a copy of those by August Grenser (1720-1807), whose workshop was in Dresden

Maker: A. Weemaels (Brussels, Belgium)

1-keyed traverso in boxwood, round mouth hole, A=415

This flute has a very clear and direct, yet unbelievably warm and nuanced sound.  With its round mouth hole (as opposed to the later-developed elliptical ones that show up in other one-keyed Grensers), this flute is perfect for Mozart and CPE Bach.  However, I must admit that because I feel that I have such an affinity for this instrument, I’m very tempted to play other repertoire on it.

I bought this flute second-hand, and it was a completely blind purchase!  I knew and trusted the previous owner, and it became available just as I was starting to feel that I needed a late baroque/early classical flute.  As the wait on a Weemaels flute is often over a year long, I felt I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  When it arrived, it had developed a non-threatening crack in-transit, so I took it to Mr. Weemaels for a little maintenance, and enjoyed a little tour of his workshop and an hour or so with his other instruments.  I had been playing an I.H. Rottenburgh for the previous 3 years, so it took me about a month to get to know the Grenser, but once I changed the concept of the sound I was looking for, this Grenser and I really began to sing.  I know it is part Grenser, part Weemaels, and part me, but when I play this flute, I can easily understand why Grenser instruments were so popular in the 18th century.