August Grenser 430

photo coming soon!

This traverso is a copy of those by August Grenser (1720-1807).

Maker: R. Tutz (Innsbruck, Austria)

1-keyed traverso in grenadilla, elliptical mouth hole, A=430 Hz

This is my flute with the funniest story –  I actually bought parts of it at 3 different times.  I knew that some of my colleagues successfully used the same headjoint for both their H Grenser 8-keyed flute *and* their Grenser one-keyed flute.  So, by owning an 8-keyed Grenser, I was already 1/4 of the way there.  A short time later, an amateur who had a Grenser 430 middle joint (luckily in grenadilla!)  decided that he’d likely not be using it, so I bought the left-hand joint from him, bringing me to 50% of a flute.  Once I had saved up a bit of money, I wrote to Mr.Tutz with the peculiar request of buying half a flute, to go with the other half that I had already collected.  And here we are!  This instrument has a very bright and carrying tone, and it works very well with early fortepianos.  With this flute, I’ve played chamber and orchestral music by all the sons of Bach and the Potsdam court composers, and an early Haydn symphony is next in line!