Tools of the Trade

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I interrupt the chronological flow of my flute-building project in order to show you some tools of the trade. I was going to just pull flashy, high-resolution images off the web until my husband pointed out that I’d be violating copyrights, so here are photos taken by my very low-resolution camera of the actual tools I’m using to create this flute.  And other interesting things you might find in the wood shop.

the wood supply at the workshop in Delft


a lathe, used for tuning wood
a row of gouges and skews, used to shape the wood while it is turning on the lathe
gouges and skews, detail
a row of files used for smoothing out surfaces; can be used by hand or on the lathe
files, close up
sandpaper and drill bits, improvised tools used for undercutting the holes on the flute

calipers, a sliding ruler to measure all sorts diameters and distances